The ring video doorbell camera is rather good, but what if you don’t understand technology?

Don’t worry about preparing the Ring video doorbell that is much simpler than you imagine. We have installed a few simple steps based on our own ring installation experience, as well as some pro-tips and pro bonus tricks from experienced technicians, to make you are winding the best video doorbell installation.

With only 10 steps, you can set the Ring Video Doorbell

Ring video doorbell installation

Step 1: Collection tool

While each ring video doorbell has its own set of accessories, they all include screwdrivers, screws, charging wires (if necessary), and installation instructions.

In addition, if you need to disrupt your doorbell into a brick or plastering, you will need a drill. Special Masonry Brill Bit is included with 2 doorbell video bell ring and a Pro video ring to make this portion easier. To help you delete your old doorbell, we recommend having a box cutter or a flathead screwdriver in hand.

Step 2: Make sure the battery is fully charged

You can pass this step if you install the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

Find the battery and connect to the electricity using the charging wire provided after your ring is not boxed. Because ring video doorbell 2 was built to facilitate pop-out once the ring video doorbell had been installed, we had found that making the battery out could be difficult.

To delete it, we recommend holding it against a flat vertical surface (like a wall). The battery is pushed out by the wall, and gravity helps fall into your hands.

When you are connected to your battery, you should see a red and green light to show that it is being filled. Be patient because charging can take up to six hours Situs Slot Gacor. The red light will die when the battery is fully charged, and you will have the green light to start the ring video doorbell installation.

Step 3: Connect to the Internet

To connect your ring video doorbell to your home Wi-Fi network, download the ring application and follow the instructions on the screen. This application will guide you through the whole process, and only takes about 10 minutes to complete everything and connect.

Step 4: Turn off the Power

Turn off the power to the breaker box (usually in the garage, basement, or behind your house). Because you will deal with open cables, this is for your safety.

If you don’t have a bell and will not deal with cables, pass this step. Because some ring video doorbell doors run on batteries, hardwiring is not needed.

Step 5: Discard the Old Doorbell

Remove the faceplate from your one bell with a screwdriver or boxcutter to reveal screws. Lift the old doorbell from the wall by removing it and carefully pulling it, revealing two electric channels.

Belkus cables must still be rotated around the screw on the inside of the previous doorbell, so be careful not to pull too hard on them. Remove the old doorbell by loosening the screw and removing the cable.

Step 6: Place the Installation Bracket in its Place

The hole where your previous doorbell is, along with two doorbell cables, must be the only one left on your wall at this time. Open your ring application and stream video streaming the doorbell directly before you install your installation bracket.

Hold the door of your ring to the surface above the hole where you will attach it, and check the image on your cellphone to make sure you get the angle you want. If you are not, now is the time to tilt the camera up, down, left, or right with one of the mounting brands.

After you stay at the location, make sure the bracket is a straight installation using the level tool provided, then mark the location for a new screw hole with a pencil. Remove the level after they are marked.

If you use mounting tilted, attach it to the wall first, then attach the installation bracket. If not, the bracket screw is installed on the wall directly above the hole left by your previous doorbell, which allows the cable to pass through the bracket hole.

Note: If you attach a brick or plaster, you have to drill a hole for a small white plastic anchor that keeps the screw stay in its place with the stone bits provided. Drill holes in the marked position, then press the anchor inside, place the installation bracket above, and screw the screw bracket installation to the anchor. Don’t worry about utilizing anchors if you have wood or side with vinyl.

If you use too many screws to secure the installation bracket, it might bend, making it difficult to break your ring video doorbell to the position.

Step 7: Connect the Cable to the Doorbell (Optional)

You can now join the two-ring video doorbell wired to your ring if you want to connect it to your doorbell right now to extend the battery life or make it ring when visitors press the doorbell button.

You can skip this step if you don’t have a ring video doorbell. To have a conventional doorbell experience, make sure you get a bell ring. If not, the phone notification will tell you when someone is at the door.

To get started, release the two screws on the installation bracket that is directly above the hole where the cable protrudes from the wall. Then wrap one cable around each screw – no problem, as long as the cable does not touch. Make sure each is attached to the screw. If necessary, tighten the screw gently. Happy! You have completed the circuit now.

Note: If you have a digital doorbell (which makes a two-ton electronic sound rather than the classic bell “Ding Dong”), now is the time to install the accompanying diode. For more details about this stage, consult your installation instructions.

Step 8: Install the Ring Video Doorbell

We have arrived at the most interesting part of this story. Place the ring bell of your ring right above the bracket and push it to the click. It’s okay to apply a little strength at this stage.

Step 9: Rebuild Power

It’s time to energize your gadget again by turning the breaker switch. Please test to ensure that everything goes well. Remove the faceplate and repeat that your connection is safe if your ring video doorbell is connected to your interior bell and it is not heard. (If you have digital bells, now is also the right time to reverse your diode if you have to be reversed.)

If everything looks wrong, use the small end of the screwdriver that accompanies it to mess up both of them including security screws to the bottom of the faceplate.

Step 10: Adjust the Application Settings

Installation of your Ring video doorbell is now finished. You can now experiment with features, adjust the motion detection and night vision settings, choose what type of notification you want, and specify which location should be covered by your camera using the Ring application.