12 Games Like Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal is well-known for its gratuitous violence and over-the-top characters such as Sweet Tooth and deadly demolition derby car-arena battles.

Although there haven’t been any new entries since the PS3 era ended, we hope one of Sony’s studios will revive Twisted Metal using fresh ideas and better vehicular combat.

This list will highlight the best Twisted Metal-type games to play in 2022 slot gacor. It also includes the best car combat and games similar to Twisted Metal.

The Best Twisted Metal Type Games to Play in 2022

This list will be updated with new titles in the future. Please check back often to let us know if you missed Twisted Metal or any other favorite games!


Platforms: Windows, Xbox One

Wreckfest, if Carmageddon seems a little too chaotic for you, is another option. It follows the traditional demolition derby format.

The game was released in 2018 and is a spiritual successor of FlatOut. It uses soft-body injury modeling to elevate vehicular combat.

It involves smashing, crushing, and ramming your way to the finish in different modes. The goal is to be 1st or last standing car.

This requires a delicate balance between offensive and defensive plays. You can even destroy your opponents’ cars while protecting yours.

GRIP: Combat Racing

Platforms: Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

GRIP was also released in 2018. It is a fast-paced combat racing game that replaces Twisted Metal’s gritty ’90s aesthetic for a futuristic, sci-fi-inspired setting.

This is especially true when you consider the driving mechanics of the game, where you drive upside-down on walls, ceilings and pretty much anywhere your tires will go.

GRIP has 30 vehicles, some of which are inspired by F-Zero and Wipeout antigrav vehicles.

GRIP vehicles are similar to Twisted Metal’s, and they come equipped with projectile and ballistic weapons that range from homing missiles to machine guns that can fire fast, like in Twisted Metal.

Max Damage in Carmageddon

Platforms: Windows, Xbox One

Carmageddon is a similar-aged band to Twisted Metal, but it has never been supported by a major publisher like Sony.

The most recent installment, Carmageddon – Max Damage was released in 2016. It is a remake of Carmageddon: Reincarnation on Xbox One and PS4.

It features a range of racing events where players race against each other to cause as much destruction as possible, smashing into pedestrians and animals.

There are many upgradeable vehicles that can be used to wield different spikes, chains, and saws.

Cel Damage HD

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Cel Damage, despite its cartoony graphics, is directly inspired by Twisted Metal in terms of story and gameplay.

It allows you to play as any of the 10 characters that have been chosen for an in-universe cartoon car competition show called “Cel Damage.”

Cartoon themes are carried over into combat with vehicles sporting bizarre weapons such as vacuum nozzles, portable holes, chainsaws, guns, and other tools.

Arenas are also stocked with power-ups that give limited-use items like freeze rays and giant springs.

Road Redemption

Platforms: Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Road Redemption, a spiritual successor of the Road Rash series, introduces a few changes, including a single-player campaign that is roguelike-structured.

Combat can be both close- and long-range. The player is able to kick, grab, and counterattack, as well as fire shotguns, SMGs, and rifles.

There are dozens of melee weapons in the game, including pipes and baseball bats, cues for pool, and even a wrench.

Road Redemption’s hits feel meaty and tactile. This makes the game as addictive and visceral as Twisted Metal.

Rocket League

Platforms: Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Rocket League, an arena-style game that offers tons of replayability and simple controls, is a great choice. It also allows for car customization and has a vibrant online community.

The vehicular soccer game is one of few online games that offer cross-play support across all platforms. It has many followers.

This is good news for Metal Twisted fans who may have never played it before or think it is only for children.

If you play on PS4, you can also take exclusive sweet dental vehicles.

Diesel Guns

Platform: Windows

Diesel Guns, another Arcade vehicle combat game, was inspired by Twisted Metal.

This allows you to control high-powered death machines equipped with unique statistics.

By introducing the rules, this game emphasizes the diversity of vehicles and weapons. For example, the faster a vehicle, the more deadly the weapon.

Each weapon has an alternative shooting mode, which can be activated by players.

Bloody Rally Show

Platform: Windows

Bloody Rally Show Switch from 3D to 2D. It combines top-down arcade racing and TV reality violence.

It shows you as a driver at a racing event called “Bloody Rally Show”, which will occur in the future of Dystopian.

You want to make viewers back, so floated, improve, and blow up the competition.

Twisted Metal is a similar show, with a lot of haphazard violence and Snarky dialogue to sell the idea that it is a show.

Redline Crashday edition

Platform: Windows

The Redline Crashday edition was developed by Redline Studios. This is the latest version of the 2006 Crashday on PC.

The updated UI features a number of graphics increases, making the game feel more modern than the 14 -year -old.

This game is basically the same as the original. Players choose their cars and enter one of 30 tracks to compete in various races, acrobatics, and accident matches.

There are seven different game modes, each with a focus on vehicle battles with missiles, engine rifles, and straight car accidents.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme

Platform: Windows

Guzzlers Extreme gas is another battle racing game that borrowed several signals to form twisted series.

This is a game where players start with an insufficient metal pile. They then slowly advanced to a stronger sports car through the winner of the race and survived the battle of the hell arena.

Each vehicle can switch between two different weapons to fire small and large rockets.

Guzzlers Extreme gas may not have all the modern features that you expect from modern games but only adds to the appeal of the arcade-arcade arcade.

Mad Max

Platform: Windows, Xbox One

Although this is an open-world game that is driven by narrative, Mad Max 2015 is closely related to twisted metal in terms of a battle of vehicles.

You can explore the open world of the open world that makes a fight with a rival gang when you are not busy with the mission of the story.

The car combat involved hooks to enemy vehicles with spear pistols and blowing them up using explosives. Then, you RAM to the driver’s seat at high speed.

You can also adjust almost every inch of your killer engine with cosmetics and an unlocked improvement.

Destruction All-Stars

Platform: PS5

It’s fun to see the destruction of all-stars released, considering that Metal Twisted fans don’t have much.

This allows you to play the role of one of the many competitors “dangerous drivers” in car-based battles in arenas around the world.

Allstars are not limited to the normal tariff of deadly collisions, increasing turbo, and large explosions. But the ability to get out of your car and cause chaos on foot is what makes Allstars separate.

You only need to pray that you don’t run before you can return to the driver’s chair.

How to Reset Honeywell Thermostat in 2 Minutes

In my house, the Honeywell thermostat is the most used device; When children come home from school on a hot day, they make the air conditioning.

It also plays in the background every time we have a visitor because my friends enjoy a fun breeze through their hair.

My thermostat has fallen several times as a result of these sustainable sweets. The only positive aspect is when crashing, I learned how to take care of it.

There are examples where the appearance of the thermostat is empty and will not turn on.

To get my Honeywell thermostat to operate again, I realized that I needed to learn how to reset it.

I have written a reset technique for each Honeywell thermostat series model that you might have in this post.

What’s Wrong with My Honeywell Thermostat?

Reset Honeywell Thermostat

Some difficulties can be solved by resetting your thermostat, including:

  • Programming problems with your thermostat
  • You have difficulty connecting to your furnace or AC.
  • Consistent or inappropriate temperature readings

What Do I Have with Honeywell Thermostat?

You must know your thermostat model to reset. Your model number will be written on the product package or thermostat ID card if you still have it. Remove your thermostat from the wall and look for the product number on the back of the wall plate if you don’t have a box.

Without using any tool, most Honeywell thermostat manuals can be pulled gently from the wall. Drag from both sides of the thermostat evenly. If it is not free, you must look for a model that looks similar to your thermostat online.

How to Reset the Honeywell Thermostat?

A reset thermostat can be done quickly with a battery-powered thermostat. This is how to do it:

CAUTION: Some of these thermostats are transferred directly to the home electricity system. If you can’t know what type you have or are not getting used to working with a household cable, consult an HVAC professional before trying repairs that might expose you to the cable.

  • Turn off and remove the battery from the thermostat.
  • Positive and positive-negative towards negative is an inappropriate way to insert a battery.
  • Wait five seconds before resetting them in the right order.
  • Factory settings for your thermostat will be restored. Make sure your thermostat is set to your typical schedule.
  • The battery is not used in all Honeywell thermostats. Those who are not borne into the home electrical system. Look at this useful website for instructions on how to reset thermostats that don’t need a battery.

How to Replace the Honeywell thermostat’s battery

If your device requires a battery, they are easily replaced. Don’t worry if your screen looks dim or black until you change the battery. This is how you do it.

  • Remove FacePlate Thermostat. With strong pressure, most thermostats will die. At the top and bottom of several models, there is a little tab. Quick inspections must reveal whether your model has a tab or not.
  • Remove the old battery from the system. Units can receive AA or AAA batteries, depending on the model. Check the battery size you make sure to make sure they are the right size.
  • In the battery compartment, place a fresh battery.
  • Change the faceplate on the backplate. The thermostat display must return after being re-connected. Select The Menu OR Program Key, Depending On Your Honeywell Model, To Confirm That Any Programmed Settings Are Still Recorded Correctly.

Contact One Hour for Skilled Thermostat Servicing If the Thermostat Display does not turn back on.

How to Get a Honeywell Thermostat to Unlock

The Steps for Unlocking Your Honeywell Thermostat Vary Depending on Which Honeywell Model You Have. However, The Procedure is Similar to Most Honeywell Models. To Limit How Many Family Members Can Control Programming OR Alter The Temperature, Most Users Will Need To Lock or Unlock Thermostat.

  • Enter 1234 using the center button or menu.
  • You will be able to create a passcode if this is the first time you set your thermostat. This amount must be stored somewhere you will not forget it, like your cellphone.
  • To prevent access to adjust the unit temperature or reprogram, select the key option.

My Honeywell Thermostat Password has been Forgotten

There is a solution for this, so don’t worry!

  • Repeat the first step from the previous instruction. Continue with the steps below if you get an index accurate error or warning when entering 1234.
  • The thermostat must be removed from the base plate. The four-digit code can be found on the back of the thermostat.
  • For the date code, add 1234. If the 1420 code, for example, multiplies 1420 on 1234. 2654 will be a new passcode.
  • From the thermostat menu options, enter the new passcode. After that, you will be able to change your passcode.

Honeywell Thermostats: Troubleshooting

If resetting, replacing the battery, or unlocking your thermostat has not succeeded, it’s time to bring experts. With a fast and professional specialist who can solve large and small HVAC problems, one hour can help with all your warming and conditioning needs.

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