Every position in football is important. The striker scores the ball, the defender protects the ball from the opposing team’s striker, and the goalkeeper is the last defense line between victory and defeat. Maybe that’s why the goalkeeper, even though they are less excited, is perhaps the most important position.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about how the goalkeeper tutorial has evolved in the way they played in the past, and the way they tend to play now. So, scroll down and keep reading if you want to get all your answers. Of course, you can also choose to watch the flow of football directly instead.

The Shot Stopping

Stop shots are bread and butter for each successful goalkeeper. In addition to some small changes, the goalkeeper gloves have evolved in the way they stop the ball rather than producing a special attitude that will be able to stop the ball.

The Evolution of Goalkeeper

In addition, in the past, most people would think that shots were everything that was there for the keeper. However, there are more things that happen in the goalkeeper than a 2 -dimensional action line. Most people will not even be able to understand how many people are now training in various types of defense rather than stopping simple shots.


Is one thing to be able to stop the ball, but that is a completely different thing when handling it. We have mentioned that people in the past did not think that there might be more keepers than shots. Able to handle the ball and how exactly you can handle it more knowledge for modern goalkeepers.

With the right handling style, a goalkeeper will be able to successfully pass the ball to a teammate who might be able to make a strategy to print the ball into the enemy goal.


Football has been around for a long time even when science does not have much influence in the world. At that time people did not know anything about having a good reflex as a keeper using scientific evidence. That is why no goalkeeper has ever practiced increasing their reflexes.

Now science has advanced a lot, people know exactly how important it is to have a strong reflex. That is why modern goalkeepers are very trained to have a good reflex that might even be superior to players in other positions.

Aerial Command

Dealing with the ball in the air is a very difficult part of the responsibility of a goalkeeper. No one knows where the opponent will attack. If they decide to punch or lead the ball, this might prove unfavorable.

To prevent this from happening, the keeper is trained with a special method that allows them to learn the perfect strategy. You can choose to observe a few moments of the keeper on sites like Hesgoal.

Air orders may be part of the shot. However, we have included this separately because former professionals do not have many ideas about how to train for this unlike players in the modern world.

Penalty Saving

Penalty Saving never existed in the past. This is because the punishment never existed, to start. As far as the game involves, over time, the structure and format of the game begin to change and become more complicated. When the penalty shot was first introduced the keeper was the only line between the assessment and disappearance.

As a result, modern goalkeepers are given intensive training. Able to block the ball from close range is also an important part of their training.

Arm Distribution

Not only the goalkeeper’s feet must be trained before but also their arms. The goalkeeper must be able to distribute the right energy into their arms and throw the ball.

Arm distribution is important because, when a goalkeeper receives the ball he needs to be able to throw it at his teammates no matter how far they are. In addition, he must be able to understand how much energy he needs to expand to achieve the goal so that his arms do not become sick.

Who can be Considered the Ultimate Goalkeeper of the Modern Era?

There are many goalkeepers that we can consider as a nomination of this criterion. From the new Turkish League, there is Fernando Muslera Galatasaray. However, if you think the best of the best, in our opinion there is no one who can exceed Ederson Liverpool’s Alisson Becker, and Manchester City.


With this, we are finished with several factors currently carried out by goalkeepers. In the past, there were not many rules in football. Over time as football becomes more complicated, evolution for goalkeepers is vital. You can watch football matches live today and you will also agree with me!